First International Day

-A colourful venue, different faces with the same sincere smile and many scenes that you could never see together again easily… A Scotsman in his kilt with a “etli ekmek”  in his hand ; Asian students trying to introduce their local food in pans, Italians trying to get you try tiramisu , Turkish students giving out  “çiğköfte” and many more..


-As the newest and the most sensational international student society of our faculty, IF World Guide, we knew no boundaries and we organized the very first “International Day” of our faculty beside all of our events and ongoing courses.

-International Day, which is a culture festival with participants from 16 different countries, helped international and Turkish students socialize and unite with each other. Thanks to International Day, not only did we give international students a chance to introduce their country, culture, university but also they experienced that warm and welcoming atmosphere making them feel at home once again. Besides, we worked with sponsors from which Turkish student can get information about study abroad programs and foreign language education.

-We had the pleasure of having a couple of  bloggers as guests, who have the passion of travelling and desire to explore more and more places and also who have managed to turn these passion and desire into a lifestyle and a job. The bloggers of Cizenbayan, Oİ The Blog and  Yolda Olmak did not turn us down and came to our faculty , shared their experiences with us , answered our questions ,as the saying goes , broaden our horizons.

Gifts and benefits never ended throughout the International Day. The participants won free concert tickets and opportunities to attend an English language course for a special discounted price. Even one of our Erasmus students from Germany won a analogue camera. There is nothing better than an event whose team, who did their utmost effort, left with a smile on, so we are already excited for the next International Day.

Do not be sorry If you missed it. We work to move our university , which has been recently nominated as one of the best Erasmus schools ,to the top of the list. Meet you again next International Days … Stay with us