The Mission and Vision Of The School


The Mission of the School  of the School of Business  at Istanbul University  was formed as a part of the detailed strategic revision and planning process that got undergoing in the academic year 2004-2005.

The Faculty of Business Administration of the University of İstanbul provides education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for students from foreign countries and from Turkey. Faculty can be defined as follows:

Offering high-quality academic programs with the aim of producing graduates of high administrative and entrepreneurial skills.

Providing, compiling and publishing new sources of information in the field of business administration.

Servicing the world of business by programs of raising and evolving experts. These programs aim at mastering efficiency and productivity.

The mission of the faculty is the main departure point of its activities and its programs. As we follow the syllabus with full integration, our prior focus is on education, teaching and later on, research, application and providing services. This order of importance is vital, since it will lead to the improvement of forming the syllabus of research programs and to the extensive development of discipline.

The mission of the Faculty is underlined with the fact that it is our duty to carry on with and to maintain Atatürk’s reforms and principles; and that our school should be the leader of this mission of modernization of Turkey, with the contribution of its students and of its relations with the public


The vision of the Faculty is to provide education that will raise skilled administrators on international standards, who will be followers of Atatürk’s reforms and principles, and who will also be innovators, intellectuals and liberals, when in 2023; it is time for the celebrations for the centennial of our Republic.

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